There are three categories of units offered by the Timothy Partnership.

Each Diploma award requires a different combination of these units.
For more information on the Diploma awards available, and which units are required by each, please see the Course Outline page.

Core Units

Core units cover areas of biblical studies, Christian doctrine and church history.

Guided Spiritual Formation

The Timothy Partnership encourages students to enrol in PC249 Guided Spiritual Formation.
This unit is split into four 1 credit point components completed in the first four semesters of enrolment in the program.
PC249 helps students integrate their academic study with their ministry practice and personal Christian life.

Ministry & Practice Electives

Each Diploma award allows room for ministry and practice electives.
The 12 unit Diploma of Theology has 1-3 electives.
The 12 unit Diploma of Ministry has 3-5 electives.
The 16 unit double award of Diploma of Theology and Diploma of Ministry allows for 5-7 electives.
These electives can be chosen from any of the following:

  • DM201 Foundations for Christian Education
  • DM204 Christian Education in Practice
  • DM210 Foundations of Youth Ministry
  • DM214 Chaplaincy in Educational Settings
  • DM219 Sexuality and Identity
  • DM220 Church Based Children’s Ministry (under development)
  • DM240 Ministry Field Experience
  • EM223 Foundations for Evangelism
  • EM226 Church Planting
  • PC201 Ministry Formation
  • PC203 Pastoral Skills and Methods
  • PC235 Principles of Leadership and Management
  • PE210 Foundations of Evangelism

The following ministry units are taught as week-long intensives in various locations:

  • DM210 Foundations for Youth Ministry
  • DM211 Youth in the Churches
  • DM220 Church Based Children’s Ministry
  • DM222 Children’s Ministry Skills
  • NT205 John
  • PC210 The Personal Life of Those in Ministry
  • NT240 New Testament Overview

Some of these units will be developed for fully online study in the near future.
For more details about studying intensives, see the Intensives page


Sample Course

Road test a Timothy Partnership course.