Study anywhere, anytime!

The Timothy Partnership is committed to ‘equipping every Christian, everywhere’

Obtain an Australian College of Theology- approved Diploma, Advanced Diploma or Certificate from home, while experiencing the support of a connected, online learning community.

Why choose theological Study online with the Timothy Partnership?


1. It’s flexible

You choose how to structure your week, without having set times for lectures or tutorials. You can also choose how many subjects you wish to undertake at any one time. This allows you to fit your study around work, family, church or other commitments.

2. It’s collaborative

You don’t learn on your own. You learn alongside others who form your online learning community. You also receive the collective expertise and experience of educators from both Anglican Youthworks College and Presbyterian Youth. As well, you are encouraged to undertake mentoring with your local church throughout your study, to enhance learning and provide practical ministry experience. We support and equip your church mentor throughout.

3. It’s contextual

Rahter than move away from your local church and church community, study online means you can continue serving locally, and see your learning brought to life in the context of your real-life experiences.

4. It’s cost-effective 

There are no relocation, accomodation or transport costs when you study online. You also have access to government support, such as AUSTUDY and FEE-HELP.

5. It’s compelling 

Its distance education done well, with balanced content, engaging audio resources, interactive online discussions and real-life application for your individual ministry context.


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