OT202 Old Testament Prophets and Writings


OT202 is an academic unit taught online throughout the semester. It requires 6.5 hours of study per week, which includes:

  • Listening to the specially developed audio material
  • Reading the course notes and set readings
  • Interacting with online tutors and fellow students through the online forums
  • Reflecting on what you have learned
  • Completing written assessment tasks
  • Studying and preparing for the exam


OT202 is a graded unit and is assessed throughout the course by a number of written assessments, online forum interaction and a final exam.

Learning Outcomes

(a) To assist candidates acquire an overall acquaintance with the text of the Old Testament, as one of the two primary documents of biblical studies and Christian ministry;
(b) To give candidates an overall historical framework within which to interpret the text;
(c) To provide candidates with an understanding of major theological themes of the Old Testament;
(d) To consider the implications of the Old Testament for Christian life and thought.


Section A: Prophetic Books/Latter Prophets

  • The Book of Isaiah
  • The Book of Jeremiah
  • The Book of Ezekiel
  • The Book of Daniel
  • The Twelve (at least two in detail)

Section B: The Writings

  • Chronicles, Ezra and Nehemiah
  • The Book of Psalms
  • Wisdom Literature