NT202 The Early New Testament Church

NT202 is a core unit in the Diploma awards taught by the Timothy Partnership.


NT202 is an academic unit taught online throughout the semester. It requires 7 hours of study per week, which includes:

  • Listening to the specially developed audio material
  • Reading the course notes and set readings
  • Interacting with online tutors and fellow students through the online forums
  • Reflecting on what you have learned
  • Completing written assessment tasks


Learning Outcomes

(a) To teach candidates the features of the theology and expansion of the early church, particularly as they are reflected in the Acts of the Apostles,

(b) To study the background to and teaching of selected epistles of the New Testament.


A study of the historical background and contents of the New Testament, with special reference to the birth and growth of Christianity in the Apostolic age.

Section A:

The Apostolic Age, with special reference to the birth and growth of Christianity

1 The birth and nature of the Christian community in Jerusalem (Acts 1–6).

2 Significant events and issues in the spread of Christianity (Acts 7–13).

3 The life and mission of the Apostle Paul.

Section B:

The Epistles

4 Romans, Galatians and the Thessalonian correspondence.

5 Paul’s relations with the church at Corinth; the Corinthian Epistles.

6 Captivity Epistles and the Pastorals.

7 Hebrews and the Catholic Epistles. 8 Revelation.