Course schedule

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Subject Schedule

Certificate Level Students (Certificate and ASTC)

OT – Old Testament
NT – New Testament
ISS – Introducing Study Skills
DSS – Developing Study Skills
IPC – Introductory Pastoral Care
APC – Advanced Pastoral Care
CLM – Christian Leadership & Management
TCFC – Teaching Christian Faith in the Classroom
IDS – Introducing Diaconal Service (at G8 only)


OT Cornhill – Old Testament for Cornhill students
PREA Cornhill – Preaching for Cornhill students

Diploma Units

NT201 – Jesus and the Gospels
NT207 – Selected Letters of the Pauline Corpus & the Book of Revelation
NT240 – New Testament Overview
OT201 – Old Testament Foundations
CH201 – The Church to 1550
TH210 – The Doctrine of God and the Person and Work of Christ

DM204 – Christian Education in Practice
DM214 – Chaplaincy in Educational Settings
DM215 – Foundations in Young Adults Ministry
PC247 – Introductory Preaching
PC249 – Guided Spiritual Formation (existing students only)

Advanced Diploma

NT427 – Selected Letters of the Pauline Corpus & the Book of Revelation
DM404 – Christian Education in Practice
DM315 – Foundations in Young Adult Ministry
PC447 – Introductory Preaching


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Sample Course

Road test a Timothy Partnership course.